The Mission Of Light My Landscape is to:


- Awaken the Beauty of Your Home through the use of 12 volt, 24 volt and green friendly LED lighting.


- Paint Visionscapes that are recognized for their unparalleled sense of cohesion with the surrounding environment and the ability to move the senses.


- Use low voltage lighting to architecturally light your home and landscape just as the Impressionist painters such as Monet used daylight to create their magnificent canvases.


- Use low voltage landscape lighting to create moods, from elegant and romantic, to safe and secure.


- Create exciting, illuminated works of art. Each is unique to its environment, expanding your structure beyond the physical.


- Leave you with a masterpiece of luminescence.


I am passionate and committed to every low voltage landscape lighting portrait, and focused on exceeding our patron’s expectations!


I guarantee it!

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